Cupric Oxide - Copper Carbonate - Research & Develpoment

Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc., is focused on providing the products and services demanded by the marketplace.

P.C.I.'s Research and Development Department is a major asset that is utilized to meet this market demand. Staffed by knowledgeable chemists that utilize modern facilities specifically designed for copper chemical development, our R&D department continues to develop new copper chemicals and refine P.C.I.'s current products and processes. The ability to develop and produce proprietary copper chemicals based on the performance standards set by our customers is an example of P.C.I.'s commitment of meeting the needs of the marketplace.

Whether it involves the development of a completely new chemical or the refinement of a particular characteristic of an existing commodity copper chemical, our staff provides the technical support required.

P.C.I.'s continuing focus on market development and expansion is a central tenet of our
goal of total resource utilization.

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Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc. is a major manufacturer and exporter of stringently specified
'copper carbonate' and 'cupric oxide' chemical powders for use in industrial processes across a
wide range of applications where quality assurance is our most critical aspect.