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Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of copper chemicals supplying the global marketplace. As a leading producer of copper chemicals in North America with access to worldwide markets, we at P.C.I. utilize continual technological advances to produce the highest quality products for industrial and agricultural markets.

Here at P.C.I., we have built our business by meeting the demands of the various markets we supply. Our service-oriented approach and commitment to quality products increases cost-effectiveness and performance at both ends of the marketing spectrum.

We have set the highest quality standards for our products. Development of specialty and proprietary copper chemicals is the central focus of our research efforts for various available and developing markets.

Located in Lake Linden, Michigan, we are doing business in the heart of the original "Copper Country."

In an area that is historically recognized for producing large quantities of copper, we are continuing this tradition through total resource utilization.

Sales Office: (906) 296-9918 Ext. 0
FAX:             (906) 296-9484

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Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc. is a major manufacturer and exporter of stringently specified
'copper carbonate' and 'cupric oxide' chemical powders for use in industrial processes across a
wide range of applications where quality assurance is our most critical aspect.